Building Permits

This involves two different applications.  One for the Town of Solon Springs and one for Douglas County.

Please remit a $50 fee with your completed application.  Be sure to get your information before noon on the Friday prior to our meeting to ensure that your request makes it on our agenda.   Building permit package

A permit is required for all work to be completed including remodels, new construction, additions, etc.   We review your request during our regular town board meetings (usually the 2nd Monday of each month) and submit feedback to Douglas County.

Notes regarding driveway and sheds:   These also should be submitted to the town, though they do not require a fee.   You should consult with our road crew to ensure that your driveway is wide enough, the placement is not problematic, and that your culvert is large enough to handle volume.  For sheds, there are setbacks, size and type considerations that the county will review, and we can provide feedback for you on these projects to avoid issues and after the fact fines.

Douglas County requires you to submit an application to their zoning board for a land use permit.  This includes:

  • Building, moving, or altering any structure
  • Changing the use of an existing structure
  • Grading and filling
  • Variety of land uses