Evergreen Cemetery

Cost of Gravesite: $200.00-resident
$600.00-non resident
Non-winter weekday funeral: $350.00, after 1 p.m. $500.00
Weekend/Holiday/Winter funeral $600.00, after 1 p.m. $700.00
Cremation Only: $100.00

Winter burials are dependent upon a number of factors, including ability to access site, snow removal and risk of damaging nearby sites due to frost fracture.  The town will do its best to accommodate winter burials, however, it is not always possible.

Mary Hill, Cemetery Sexton 715-919-0495

Please note:  
Annually, the cemetery has a cleanup project that is performed in May.   If you have placed mementos at a site and do not wish to have them discarded, you will need to remove them prior to this activity.