Safety and Security Reminders

As of late, our area and the greater region has seen an increase of late-night/early morning thefts.  There has also been an increase in graffiti/vandalism.   

We have had cars and mailboxes ransacked.  Vehicles, packages, mail, and keys have been stolen. This activity will continue as long as we remain an easy target for criminal activity.  

Please be proactive in protecting yourselves and your property.  

  • Don’t make it easy.  Don’t leave keys in your vehicles. Lock up.
  • Don’t leave mail in your mailbox.  Get a PO box if you are unable to retrieve daily.
  • Install security cameras, components, and/or systems.   
  • Be observant.  Report suspicious activity to 911.  If non-emergent, let them know when you call just so you can get information tracked. 
  • Video or photograph suspicious vehicles and/or activity.  
  • Law enforcement presence will not increase unless we demonstrate to them that there is a need.  Don’t assume others will report it.
  • Share locally through social media if you use it.  Become a member of this group (Solon Springs Criminal Activity and Watch group)